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Tehrrek Fitzpatrick

Tehrrek Fitzpatrick


Mr. Fitzpatrick brings 13 years of service to the financial industry. Starting in St. Louis, Mo, Tehrrek has developed his own financial services practice while managing, recruiting, and training financial advisors across the United States.

Tehrrek has a passion for training both advisors and clients. He believes through the proper education of both the advisor and clients, clients benefit and are able to make better informed financial decisions in their planning. 

The Fitzpatrick Group maintains its headquarters in Houston, TX, but Tehrrek has helped build offices in St. Louis, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Tehrrek has received recognition not only as a personal advisor but also as an industry leader in management and development.

Through competent and non-captive financial services professionals, clients will be treated professionally and objectively. With our emphasize on tax-diversified portfolios we have been well received in Houston, TX, one of the largest and fastest growing cities in our country. Our portfolio model is extremely powerful, given the fact that the great state of Texas has no state income tax.  

The vision of The Fitzpatrick Group is to create a financial services firm that places the emphasis on the success and development of the advisor.