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Life Insurance

Protect the ones you love.

The life that you've built for you and your family is important, so let us help you protect it. There is not just one type of life insurance, so we assess your goals and financial needs to chose the best for your family and specific situation. Our recommendations are based by what's the most affordable for you and what's most fitting. 

Term life

The most affordable type of life insurance. This is typically used to cover a specific period of time ( i.e. children are going off to college, newlyweds, short-term debt). 

Whole life

Whole life insurance is long-term. This policy usually builds cash value over time, which can help you cover unexpected expenses.

Universal life

Universal life is also long-term and permanent, but there is more flexibility with premiums and options to build cash value. 

Find out which life insurance is right for you.

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Ohio National 2019 Ratings

Ohio National consistently receives high marks for financial security and claims-paying ability from major independent analysts. 

A+ Superior A.M. Best
For strong operating performance, favorable business profile and appropriate enterprise risk management (ERM)
Second-highest on a 16-part scale

A3 Moody's
Reflects a large block of whole life business, an aligned variable cost distribution and a consistent record of prudent underwriting that has contributed to a productive and growing life insurance business
Seventh-highest on a 21-point scale

A Standard & Poor's
Reflects very strong capital and earnings
Sixth-highest on a 21-part scale

Ohio National has received high marks for financial strength and claims paying ability from major rating agencies; however, such ratings do not refer to the performance of our variable accounts nor imply approval of our variable contracts or their portfolios. All ratings information is according to reports published on:, and Ratings are accurate as of 5/3/19. For the most current ratings, see Dividend scales are subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Protect the ones you love.

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Assess Your Life Insurance Needs

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