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Estate Planning

Plan for your lifetime and protect the ones you love.

At The Fitzpatrick Group, we help you continue your legacy after you die. An estate plan is essential in protecting the ones you love, because If anything happens to you your estate plan will address legal and financial concerns for your family.

*Estate Planning Services provided in conjunction with your licensed legal advisor.

A great estate plan will do the following:

Continue your legacy.

Ensure your wealth is transferred to those you choose.

Address any legal and financial concerns.

Manage your property profitably. 

Let us help you preserve your estate for your loved ones.

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<p>What's My Potential Estate Tax?</p>

What's My Potential Estate Tax?

This calculator helps estimate your federal estate tax liability.
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<p>Critical Estate Documents</p>

Critical Estate Documents

Sound estate management includes creating financial and healthcare documents. Here's an inside look.
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Estate Management Checklist

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