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"Built by Advisors, for Advisors"

By educating you and supporting you along the way, we help you develop the skills necessary to become a successful Financial Advisor. Our extensive, industry-leading training is unique. It's taught by our experienced advisors at The Fitzpatrick Group, who also educate other Financial Services firms around the country. If you are ready to become an expert in this industry, it's time to join our team of Financial Advisors and Professionals. 

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The Financial Advisor Opportunity:

This unique opportunity will allow you to expand your career goals and create your ideal future within the Financial Services industry. You will feel fulfilled in being able to provide financial security to individuals, businesses, families, and your community by gaining a true understanding of their needs and goals.

Career Changers

The time to become a financial professional is now. A career in financial services lucrative, long-term and fulfilling. 

As a career changer you will:

  • Receive industry-leading training from experienced professionals.
  • Have a team supporting you and helping you succeed.
  • Own your book of business and contract.
  • Create your own schedule and manage your own time.
  • Become an entrepreneur. 
  • Work alongside experienced professionals.
  • Have a mentor to help guide and teach you. 

Recent Graduates

Are you looking for a meaningful career?

As a recent graduate and starting a career, you will: 

  • Receive industry-leading training from experienced professionals.
  • Become an entrepreneur
  • Have a team supporting you and helping you succeed.
  • Own your book of business and contract.
  • Create your own schedule and manage your own time. 
  • Work alongside experienced professionals.
  • Have a mentor.
  • Receive one-on-one meetings once a week with your mentor.
  • Have industry-leading training from experienced professionals
  • Receive a 10-week initial training with compensation.
  • Opportunities for ongoing training.
  • Team training within your specific unit.

Experienced Advisors

Own your contract and book of business.

As an experienced independent financial professional or advisor, you will: 

  • Build and own your book of business.
  • Own your contract.
  • Have the opportunity to become a leader and mentor within your own unit.
  • Work alongside a network of experienced professionals.
  • Become more knowledgable about the industry.
  • Receive compensation and recognition. 
  • Be apart of a team that supports and motivates one-another. 
  • Become an entrepreneur in this industry. 

How This Role Will Benefit You:

  • You will have the opportunity to receive industry-leading training and mentoring, as well as the technical and financial support necessary to successfully grow your financial planning practice.
  • Freedom to build your own business along with controlling your market, income, and time.
  • Being our Group is built around a non-captive model, you will have the freedom to provide a variety of Financial Services uniquely designed for your client's specific needs.
  • Allow you to build a personally and financially rewarding career, as a result of assisting others in exceeding their financial goals.
  • Build relationships with clients and increase your current network, which will potentially allow you to increase sales and succeed professionally.
  • High quality comprehensive benefit package and signing bonus or transition allowance may be available depending on experience.

Desired Financial Advisor Qualifications:

  • Associate's Degree, preferred (if no Degree, then equivalent work experience in a similar industry)
  • Motivated, entrepreneurial-minded individual
  • Candidates need to be self-motivated, persevering, and have a strong desire to develop their own practice in a supportive and strong-cultured environment
  • Strong communication skills, willing to work in a team environment
  • Accountability and time management skills are important in this role- this industry does not cater to those who shortcut, or to those without work integrity.
  • Successful completion of required background checks & required assessments.

We have found that our successful advisors come from many backgrounds and varied experience levels. Our team of advisors consists of career changers, entry level advisors and experienced advisors. We have also found that those who have been in “high demand” roles have succeeded in this type of industry.

Our Advisors:

Our current advisors are determined to support and educate one another in our office. At our group, we believe that a mentality of both personal and team success is encouraged for the growth of your business. Our team is dedicated in creating an environment that is positive and fun; while continuing to mentor and teach one another.


The Fitzpatrick Group's Industry Success & Accolades:

  • In 2018 we had 10 MDRT Advisors!
  • M.R Doodson New Builder Award
  • Agency Growth Award
  • Since our grand opening in 2016, our group has finished each year in the Top 5
  • Ranked Agencies with Ohio National.

Ohio National Financial Services Success:

Although Dividends are not guaranteed, Ohio National has paid Dividends to Policy Holders for 95 years.

Ohio National consistently receives high marks for financial security and claims-paying ability from major independent analysts.

  • A+ Superior A.M. Best
    For strong operating performance, favorable business profile and appropriate enterprise risk management (ERM)
    Second-highest on a 16-part scale

  • A3 Moody's
    Reflects a large block of whole life business, an aligned variable cost distribution and a consistent record of prudent underwriting that has contributed to a productive and growing life insurance business
    Seventh-highest on a 21-point scale

  • A Standard & Poor's
    Reflects very strong capital and earnings
    Sixth-highest on a 21-part scale

Ohio National has received high marks for financial strength and claims paying ability from major rating agencies; however, such ratings do not refer to the performance of our variable accounts nor imply approval of our variable contracts or their portfolios. All ratings information is according to reports published on:, and Ratings are accurate as of 5/3/19. For the most current ratings, see Dividend scales are subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

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